Internal/External Communications

APS Student Guide Calendar

Atlanta Public Schools, 2014-2015

The Problem: A season of dizzying changes left the stakeholders in this school district in a constant state of confusion. My solution: create a crisp, clean and concise publication that conveyed the most important information. I added dynamic visuals of our students, and included a calendar with district holidays and important dates. Most important, I made sure that every page had something everyone actually wanted to read.



APS Student Guidebook, 2012-13 https://bit.ly/3tC1EfR

Campaigns for Change

"Speak Up" Ethics Campaign, 2011 https://bit.ly/39letED


Organizational Change Campaigns, Employee Publications

APS Employee Handbook, 2012-13 https://bit.ly/3MKQbRV

Organizational Change Campaign, Employee Information

Atlanta Public Schools "Change is Coming" Pay Day Change Brochure, 2013 https://bit.ly/3OdFFng

Organizational Change, Strategy

Atlanta Public Schools Strategic Plan, 2012-2017

Annual Reports

2013 Atlanta Public Schools Annual Report, 2012-13 https://bit.ly/3zwl2if

Financial Reports

SY 2014 Atlanta Public Schools Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, 2014 https://bit.ly/3Ob8m4p

Employee Newsletters

GE Newsletter, Summer 2015 https://bit.ly/3Hhifet

Content Creation

Ad Copy and Design

Country Financial, "The Plan" Marketing Brochure, August 2021


News Editing and Articles


Atlanta Educator, 2011 https://bit.ly/3zAQPhY